Some women complain of morning sickness while others have evening sickness. People associate it with the sex of the baby, saying that girls cause morning sickness while boys lead to evening sickness. Scientifically this stands baseless.

You must be experiencing these periods of extreme distress, restlessness and nausea. It happens due to hormonal up and down and is natural. Some females have it for longer but 90% of them have it at some time of the day. If you use some scented candles now for getting rid of nausea beware of the memory reflex. When later in life you might use this candle, there are chances that your brain centres will trigger this nausea and sickness feeling in you. The hot flush and mood swings make you impulsive.

Yoga, ginger tea, tangy food and positive thoughts are the things that can be done to deal with this natural con of being pregnant. Natural here means that there is absolutely no need for anything to go wrong for morning sickness to happen.

Tips for healing morning sickness:

1) Refreshing hot water bath

Tune yourself that the time you have morning sickness, you go and sit in a  bath tub and soak your self in warm. water. Use your favourite bath bomb and  just deeply breath in the fragrance and scents that come out.

2) Eat some tangy citrus fruits

When your morning sickness routine time starts try to eat some tangy fruits. A bowl of freshly cut fruits with lots of sugar and some ice cream will help you a lot.

3) Relax it is going to be OK.

I know it feels unbearable and you feel hysterical. But this gets over everyday. So don’t panic because that brings your body more stress and anxiety. Just sit at a place or lie down or even sit in swing.

4) Ginger, lemon tea

Simply make the tea of your choice add lemon zest and lemon juice or even lemon grass. To this add some shreds of ginger. Ginger has the ability to neutralise acids in the stomach. This helps to treat the feeling of nausea.

5) Fennel with cardamon

Fennel again is known for its nausea preventive action. Fennel has Anethole that prevents flatulence. Cardamon has simpler properties, the aroma is known to be anti spasmodic and it also calms the nerves. Eating these powdered. will help you stay fresh.

6) Take a walk on your grass mat

Walking bare foot on grass is known for its benefits for a pregnant women. The early morning dew covered grass is the ideal fit for the job. The grass acts as a mild massage mat that acts like acupuncture and makes you feel better.

7) Don’t read or do any work when it is the time when you’ve the sickness phase

Your body is in distress, do not add to it neither mental stress nor physical labour. Reading books is recommended during pregnancy but not when you have this morning sickness.

8) Watch comedy shows

When you laugh happy hormones gush out and your brain feels excited. The centre for nausea is also in the lower brain. So laughing shifts brain’s attention.

9) Use your favourite scented candles

Scented candles are known to help cure morning sickness and evening sickness alike. The brain has centres that associate a good smell with good memories or any positive vibe.

10) Have starchy vegetables

Vegetables like beetroot you with the calories and also alkaline pH helps you get you out of nausea.

When you feel like throwing up don’t try to hold it at all. Let it out so that you feel better.

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