Breastfeeding smoothies is just a peppy name given to a drink that you have while you breastfeed your baby. They are rich in the nutritional components fats and protein.

Here are ten breastfeeding smoothies ideal for a milk –  date with your baby:

1) Banana almond breastfeeding smoothie

Take full creme milk and make a banana shake and add some roasted almonds as a topping.

Benefits: Banana is a rich source of calcium and also is rich in sugars and potassium. It is a wholesome food. Milk in itself has fats, protein, calcium and all the twenty essential amino acids (protein components that can’t be made in body, need to be taken as supplement).

Almonds have essential oils and are good for the development of brain of the breastfed baby.

2) Blueberry watermelon breastfeeding crush

If you have got your baby in the summer season, you would want to look for something that is refreshing. The watermelon and blueberry juice extract is rejuvenating and hydrating too.

Benefits: Watermelon has a lot of water and it helps to restore the hydration and replenish the water loss. Berries are rich in vitamin C which is needed to counter the wear and tear happening in body.

3) Dates and cashew breastfeeding smoothie

Take some milk and add dates after removing the seeds. Don’t add cashew to the blender, instead pound them in a powder or add them as crunchy bits.

Benefits: Dates are the richest source of iron and hence are needed to deal with the blood losses that you have occurred at the time of parturition. They will bring back the haemoglobin levels to normal which is necessary for oxygen supply all over the body.

4) Vanilla kiwi breastfeeding smoothie

Love the vanilla ice cream? Add some kiwi and vanilla ice cream to full creme milk and blend them in a blender.

Benefits: Vanilla extracts have volatile oils and sugars. Vanilla has the entire family of vitamin B and also other amino acids. While Kiwi is known to aid anti aeging. Kiwi has many minerals like potassium, magnesium etc. which are needed by your body is constantly losing these ions while feeding the baby.

5) Pink guava breastfeeding smoothie

Pink guava are considered superior nutritional value than the regular guava. While guava juice is rich in sodium, potassium and iron, the smoothie is the one which will give you the fats and proteins to form a wholesome meal.

Benefits: Pink Guava is known to cure constipation. After delivering your baby you have a lot of easiness during excretion processes. Pink guava helps treat this. It has lycopene which is good for skin. It is an immunity booster and lowers the risk of diabetes and cancer.

6) Chocolate breastfeeding smoothie

Still love chocolate then try making this chocolate smoothie by adding some dark liquid chocolate to a glass of milk or even creme and ice cream, if you like it rich.

Benefits: Dark chocolate has many benefits, it helps to deal with depression as it excites brain centres. Chocolate also acts a anti ageing agent to help you heal all the loosening of tissue.

7) Mango breastfeeding smoothie

Mango are a rich sugar source both in terms of quality and quantity of sugars present in it.

Take some Mango and oatmeal and add milk and blend it.

Benefits: Mango is very energetic. It lowers body cholesterol by converting it into good fat. It also is good for curing constipation issues after parturition. Another advantage is that it has a lot of vitamin C that helps boost immunity.

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