So you want to be the hottest mum who doesn’t loose in the dressing up game even when she is expecting. Here are the tips for you to ace this pregnancy vogue:

1) Buy some light pastel colour oversized tops

Momma is generally associated with her baby. So it is a cutesy image that forms. Whenever you think of a woman who is expecting somehow the image of a baby is interpolated in our mind. No more does the high heels short skirt flash. Light colour pastels like lilac, creme, peach and baby pink are just perfect for you. And that you are not happy with your changed measurements go for oversized clothing. Nothing looks more sexy on a woman than an oversized top with cold shoulders sleeves. Go monochrome or pair them up with a printed jacket or scarf.

2) For make-up use the naked and neutral palettes

For makeup just heart your naked palettes for the coming months. If you don’t like them then use mineral foundations and blush. And even better would be if you simply use a beauty plus benefit creme and that’s all. Wear a peach mousse and let your natural blush do the rest. The minimum the makeup the better does it look on a new mom to be.

3) Hairstyles: the neater the better

As you have a little chubby face now, you should avoid waves and perm hairstyles. Instead make the messy knot bun or a sleek ponytail or even a nice ribbon or head band. Hairstyles should be such that they don’t need any management every now and then. The comfortable you’ll be the better you’ll look.

4) Get some sneakers and slippers or delicate slipper sandals.

A pair of flip flops with a beautiful strap looks  pretty too. You can even wear the beach slippers. Nothing is more important than your comfort. During pregnancy you already have a lot to deal with, let fashion come easy.

5) Get some fancy accessories like a bow or a ribbon tie

Bow, ribbons, head bands, tiaras, Bobby pins etc. are all a must have and add some details to your look. Avoid wearing big dangling earrings or even your chokers.

6) Wear hats and scarves

The oversized cowboy or Victorian hats will give you the shade and also take away the attention from other parts of your body. You can even wear a beanie, coche or a berret hat.

7) Don’t put on any heavy makeup base

Heavy concealers or foundation bases will crack and give you a much aged look. During pregnancy your body heat production is at a higher notch, so you sweat a lot that washes away your make up. Also eye makeup to be the minimum simply a liner and leave it to that stage.

8) Be in your comfort zone

Avoid wearing drapes and capes. Avoid fabrics like velvet which will make you look plum. Don’t wear anything that needs a touch up every ten minutes. The collar a mum the better she looks.

9) Have a healthy diet and avoid junk food

This is understood even if not on this list. But it is so important that in front on this point the rest is just the tip of an ice berg. So eat lots of fruits and veggies. And drink lots of water. This will keep you hydrated and make you look naturally pretty.

10) Exercise

Exercise is again a must. The healthier inside more is the glow outside. Join pilates or yoga classes. Take evening strolls and keep moving your body.

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