1) Feed the baby stored breast milk using Breast pump

While some women pump only to empty the engorged breasts, most of them do it for keeping an extra stock. Breast pumps are devices that are used to extract breast milk using an artificial suction pressure. One can store breast milk for about 6 –  7 hours at ambient room temperature and for about 12 hours when refrigerated. This can be used to feed the baby at night by daddy while momma has some sleep after a tiring day. It is very easy to feed using these breast pump milk bottles, primarily because it is breast milk and babies are used to it. Your baby won’t trouble you much, just take him in your lap with a baby mat underneath and simply tilt the head a little and tap baby’s lips with the bottle nipple, he’ll himself start suckling and probably fall asleep!!

2) Make breastfeeding smoothies for wife

Breastfeeding smoothies are drinks that have lots of proteins, nuts, fruits and generally full creme milk that is taken like an energy drink by the mother who breastfeeds. A mother loses a lot of nutrients, huge amount of water and proteins to the  breast milk that is formed. They need to be replenished. A nursing mothers requirement of energy is very high. The breastfeeding smoothies are simply blended in a a blender. It needs no culinary skills. All you need is the recipe, which is nothing but ingredients like fruits and milk and you have to put them in a blender. Add some love and show that you care.

3) You play a major role in the weaning off phase

Fathers are the role models of every baby. So they want to do everything you do. You will observe this that when you eat something in front of them they want to nibble it too. When a baby is weaned off from breastfeeding the behavioural consequences are very devastating. The mother especially is exhausted to every nerve. This can be avoided if you feed him bits of nutritional things that you have once he reaches six months. As a father to do something for a breastfed child’s diet indeed is very little possible. But these small things can be planned in advance by you. You can be more authoritative when the weaning off phase comes.

4) You can be there for your wife to help her latch on the baby

A baby needs warmth off two parents. There must have been those cute moments when on hearing your voice the baby leaves suckling and looks towards you. So when the baby has to be latched on put on a warm hand on his head as a support. The baby will feel protected and hence open wider and will be passive. You can also hold the baby at night when the night breastfeeding is to be given.

5) If you are a single father

Even if you are a single father you can get breast milk for your baby. There are many wet nurses who are screened and are available on your asked schedule. They are not very expensive. There are agencies which collect breast milk and sell it in a frozen state. All the information is available on FDA site.

6) Otherwise baby formula can be used by you if you cannot manage a wet nurse.

There are many high end leafing brands that manufacture condensed baby milk formula. This is powdered milk that has been fortified and has a composition near to breast milk. Find a suitable brand and it can be used too.

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