Pregnancy is a challenging time for a woman as you have an overabundance of nonsense things happening to you. Things like morning sickness and mood swings can drive you nuts and affect your family members in negative ways. If you have a baby already then it will be even more to handle the situation.

Yoga is known to bring peace and synchrony in a human body. Pregnancy yoga also helps to ease down the labour difficulty that you might have if your body is not difficult.

Expert guidance is necessary for beginners because wrong exercise posture harms more than it could ever benefit.


Safe exercises during pregnancy also.

None of the exercises should be done in the last weeks of your pregnancy period because the amnion can break easily.

Here are the top 7 Pregnancy Yoga asanas that will help you in several ways:

1) Setu asana: The bridge pose

Lie down on your back. Bring your legs near your waist and raise your hips. Form a bridge with your body. Then gently lower down your body. Lie down. Keep breathing deeply.

Benefits: This asana will strengthen your back muscles. This will help you reduce the pain your experience in your back due to the weight on the baby in the womb.

2) Marjari asana: The cat pose

Sit on your knees and bend forward. Place your hands on the ground and sit like a cat. A slight discomfort might be ignored but immediately stop doing it if you feel any pain or dislocation inside. Sit for 1 minute and then return to rest.

Benefits: As you bend forward your Setu Asana effects will be balanced. Also, the circulation improves.

3) Ujjayi asana: The gentle breathing pose

Lie down and close your eyes and gently breathe. Take in deep breaths. Feel your nerves calming down. You can focus on your baby inside. This meditation will divert the entire energy to that region.

Benefits: This asana relieves you of hot flashes and also calms you down after a stressful day. This might even be done when you have the morning sickness.

4) Sukh asana: The peaceful pose

Sit in a normal position with your legs folded and placed on your lap. Feel positivity drive in you. Gently breath and exhale out all stress.

Benefits: It is like the seating version of Ujjayi Asana. This helps your body to align and make you more aware of your parts. Any unexplainable discomfort will vanish after doing this.

5) Padmasana: The lotus pose

In Padmasana you have to sit straight and keep your feet crouched to your body to the nearest possible. Then you can place your hands on your knees with the index finger touching the thumb.

Benefits: This works on your thigh muscles and also helps to strengthen your uterus, vagina and cervix (the birth canal).

6) Veer Bhadrasana: The warrior pose

Stand with legs apart one in the front and one behind facing sideways. Then open your arms and stretch them.

Benefits: This asana will help you to help give your pelvic muscles the strength to carry the weight. Also, your chest region will become more agile and prevent sagging of breasts when your breastfeed.

7) Upavista Konasana: The leg split sitting pose

Split your legs to the maximum possible and sit. Touch your palms and place your thumbs on your forehead and bend down in front and touch your head to the ground.

Benefits: This is the best exercise for reducing labour difficulty. It works on every part that plays a key role in pregnancy. Though highly recommended this asana needs a lot of practice.

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