Most of the women who condemn breast feeding do so because of the fear of getting loose sagged breasts. The sagging of breasts is bound to make you upset. But it is important to know that breasts don’t sag plainly due to breastfeeding. It is the genetic makeup of that decides when breasts start sagging due to ageing.

Here we have enlisted 5 exercises for breasts during breastfeeding:

1) Circle ups

How to do it? Place your hand on your breasts and take them round in circles. Make sure you take them towards the upper ends.

Variations: This exercise can be done using oils like olive oil. This is basically a massage based workout. The pace has to be increased to an extent then gradually reduced. Don’t rub hard as the skin is delicate.

Benefits: This helps to strengthen your ligaments and prevents the muscles lose their vigour.

This exercise is best done when you are in a seating position. You can do this after using your breast pump.

These will not only help you to have your body stay in shape but has other benefits like increasing the milk supply.

It will also relieve you of mastitis pain.

Never do this one when your breasts are engorged with milk. Some women get sore nipples due to improper latching by babies. in such cases nipple creams can be used. Here is a definitive list of best nipple cream and a buying guide.

2) Breast crunches

How to do it? Place your hands to the side of your body. Now lift them up to the front and cross them. While doing so make sure you use your biceps to press your breasts. And stretch your hands back and fold them behind. Expand your chest.

Variations: You can rotate your body and do this exercise at different positions. Once bend down and do it, then look up and do it and so on.

Benefits: This exercise works on the muscles that laterally hold the breasts. This will make them more fuller and also increases the milk production.

Also, it acts on the cleavage region to make it suitable for you to start wearing your deep necks!!

3) Rotation of muscles near breasts

How to do it? Rotate your hands in circles at different angles from the body. Once make a circle to the side then above your head and so on.

Variations: Bend your body towards the side and rotate your hands above your shoulders.

Benefits: Hand muscles and chest muscles get a good warm up. This can be done after getting up every morning. At night your breasts might have got engorged with milk or maybe you slept while feeding your baby. This exercise helps undo all the muscle stretching that has happened.

4) Breast compress

How to do it? First, bend on your knees and let your breasts hang. Then lie down straight on your front body. Apply a slight pressure on your breasts. Try to understand this, that there is a difference between pressing and crushing. Variation: You can cup your breasts with hands and press them sideways.

Benefits: This will help undo the gravitational pull that is applied on your breasts especially when they are filled with milk.

This also helps make them become more flexible and lift them up.

5) Headstand or inverted breast position

How to do it? Again a headstand or simply lying down with your legs on the bed and body hanging.

Variations: Not much can be varied as you are in an inverted state. This can be done when you don’t have any intimate clothing on to increase the effects.

Benefits: It improves the blood circulation to the breasts and also mobilises the fat to return back into the lymphatic circulation.

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