1) Berries

Berries like blue Berry, strawberry, raspberry etc. are rich in vitamin C and hence helps boost your immune system.

They have the ability to mobilise the stored fat in your body. They convert the bad cholesterol into the good cholesterol. This way a bowl of fresh berries in the morning can help to shed off the pregnancy fat layers.

2) Oatmeal

Oatmeal can be eaten as porridge or even added to your smoothies. Oatmeal is best form of cereal meal. So one should have oatmeal instead of breads.

Oatmeal is rich in fibres which help to keep your stomach full and curb the urge for having fried stuff. Oatmeal also cleans your gut and this helps to maximise the absorption of food and so you will eat only as much is essential for your body.

3) Bananas

Bananas are rich in calcium and also have a lot of healthy fats. These are not stored in your body while you get the needed energy. Bananas are great for treating constipation which is a common problem post pregnancy.

Bananas also help to increase the breast milk supply.

4) Pineapple

Once you are over the nursing stage with your baby you can start having the tropical pineapples.

Pineapples have xylene that helps to cut down the body fat and also increase the rate of production on female hormones. These will get back your pre pregnancy shape and make you lose tonnes within shorter span.

5) Green tea

Green tea is known to help in weight loss at any phase of life. It has lycopene that helps to mobilise the fat from every area and sheds off the weight.

Green tea is also very low on calories and cleans the gut.

6) Avocados

Yes you read it right. The butter fruit with lots of vegetable fats is also a very good food for weight loss. This fruits has a lot of antioxidants that help to minimise the harmful radicals formation which eventually prevents ageing and depositions of fat.

A avocado kiwi ice cream with sugar free will be the best weight loss dessert for a new momma.

6) Dark chocolate

Is this list getting better?? Yes dark chocolate has a lot of alkaloids. Setting the pH of your body towards the alkaline side helps you lose pounds in no time. This is because a alkaline pH is known to help keep your body processes going on to the perfection. The better the health the better the body.

7) Mango

Mangoes are rich in vitamin A and Vitamin C. They help to increase the fat stored vitamin. This in turn will help your fat layers to become wobbly and eventually start moving. As the fat becomes mobile then exercise effects also multiply.

8) Broccoli

Broccoli and the entire cabbage family has a lot of folic acid. Folic acid helps to boost your immune system and also is needed for formation of other vitamins. Broccoli in salads or even in soups is good thing to opt for pregnancy weight loss.

9) Lemon juice

Lemon is a citrus fruit that helps to increase the production of white blood cells. These cells are responsible for removing any harmful and non essential components in the body.

10) Peppermint

Your regular mouth freshener also helps to lose away the pregnancy weight. Peppermint has many anti oxidants and alkaloids. These help to reduce the harmful catalysts in the body and increase the production of fat mobilising molecules.

Also note that gradual weight loss is the key. Any sudden weight loss program is bound to fire back in worst manners than your current body fat.

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