After the struggle is finally over, it’s time to strengthen the tender baby to survive this rough and tough world.

Few things that should always be kept in mind while handling a new born baby is :

  1. Understanding how soft the baby is.
  2. Focusing on proper hygiene
  3. Cleanliness of surroundings should be a regular habit.
  4. Proper attention should be given to the baby’s food and timings of it.
  5. The baby should be cleaned every morning and it should be kept assured of that the baby continues to stay fresh and clean the entire day. Like us, adult humans, even babies require to get freshened up. Even their mornings should be really good.
  6. Babies cry a lot. That is their way of communication till they learn how to talk. Special attention should be given to what the baby is trying to communicate; whether it’s the hunger bell ringing or whether his or her stomach is aching or maybe something more.
  7. The diaper of the body should be changed as this may lead to rashes and make the baby uncomfortable. Also, this is very unhygienic for the baby’s heath.
  8. The nails of the baby should be trimmed occasionally with the special pair of scissors.
  9. A baby sleeps for long, long hours. That is when they grow. The internal tender system begins to grow during this sleep. Hence, it should be kept in mind that the baby should always be clean and fresh in order to have a good sleep. It should be remembered that no one can sleep amidst dirt.
  10. A doctor should be visited immediately in case the baby catches cold or holds symptoms of any other medical problems.
  11. Babies should always be kept happy. Hence, a mother should communicate with her baby whenever the baby is awake. As this is how, the baby learns how to start a conversation.
  12. A baby tries to eat anything he or she sees. This should be given special attention so that the baby doesn’t swallow something not meant to be consumed.
  13. The person handling the baby should be thoroughly cleaned as well. Any neighbour or relative visiting the new born baby should have thoroughly washed sanitised hands before touching the baby.
  14. Ample number of clothes should be kept ready for the baby. It is not preferable to make a baby wear a diaper always. Hence, the baby is likely to wet his or clothes by urinating. These wet clothes and Bed sheets associated should be cleaned immediately.
  15. The baby should be made to pee every day. This is an activity of the excretory system and is very important for normal functioning of the biological system.
  16. The toys that are given to the baby to play with should be cleaned regularly as well.
  17. The baby should be given continuous attention as it should be remembered that a new born baby is small and tender and cannot satisfy her needs on her.


Wishing every baby a wonderful life ahead!

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