New born babies are the most tender beings under observance. Taking care of them is a blessing. Now this is really a very careful process. We have to keep in mind that a new born baby is really tender and is therefore susceptible to germs and infections. This leads to the saying that they need special care and attention all the time.


Cleaning is a daily ritual that needs to be maintained.

  • Cleaning baby’s head and face: Hands must be absolutely clean while handling a baby. Using a moistened or wet cotton ball that head face, eye lids, nose should be cleaned. It is preferable to use mildly warm water for this process so as to ensure perfect comfort to the baby so that a feeling a freshness is indulged just after this process. Separate cotton wipes should be used for each part of a baby’s face ensuring hygiene. Baby’s hair should be washed. Cleaning gums and tongue should be given attention and done with special care
  • Nails: A pair of special baby nail scissors should be used for trimming the nails and hands and feet of a baby. It is important to keep a note of this part and trimming it whenever it grows in order to ensure that the baby is not hurt by his or her own nails.
  • Genital care : Genital care is very important for a baby. This not only makes a baby feel fresh and happy but also aids to the baby’s hygiene. Genital organs should be washed or wiped with special care. A baby should be given some ‘nappy-free’ time to avoid rashes due to the napkins.



  • It is very important for the baby’s mother or whoever is handling the new born to stay clean all the time.
  • The house should be kept clean.
  • Everything around the baby should be regularly cleaned.
  • The toys of the baby should be cleaned.
  • The finger nails of the mother or anyone handling the baby should always be trimmed so as to avoid any kind of injury to the baby. Any kind of little injury can be fatal for the new born infant as he or she is too tender in this harsh world.



It is very important to breast feed a new born baby.

Importance of breast feeding an infant :

It is very important to breast feed an infant specially during the first six months of a baby’s life. Although it is advisable for a baby to feed on his or her mother’s milk for a little longer time than the aforesaid span.

The mother’s milk contains all those vitamins and nutrients that a baby needs to survive in this world during first months of birth. Besides, the breast milk is a nature’s blessing that is packed with disease fighting substances to protect a baby from illness.


A happy and healthy baby is all that is wanted.

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