Eating a nutritious diet is very important for a pregnant lady. Here is a list which can serve as a good addition to the diet .

  1. Dairy products: Dairy products contain rich source of calcium, protein, vitamin D and phosphorus. Besides, they also contain other essential vitamins and minerals. These are very important as it helps in the proper growth of the baby in the mother’s womb. The nutrients are very important for a healthy development of the baby’s bones, muscles , nerves and also for blood clotting. Addition of a good portion of dairy products in the diet should be a must.
  2. Fish liver oil : Nutrition of the mother is very important for the fertility. Everything that a mother eats passes away to the baby. It aids in making the baby stronger. Cod liver oil contains omega 3 fatty acids which are crucial to the maintenance of health. It further helps in hormonal regulation, promotes regular ovulation, decreases inflammatory  fertility issues, promotes healthy cervical mucous production. However, it is also important to take care of the intake capacity. This should be consumed in large amounts. It is preferable to take suggestions from a doctor regarding the quantity of consumption of this.
  3. Lean meat : This is a rich source of iron. During pregnancy the need to consume double the quantity of iron than earlier. A pregnant woman must always remember that a baby growing inside her is consuming the food she is having. So, plenty of iron rich food should be added in the diet.
  4. Broccoli : Broccoli is a healthy addition to the diet. Besides being rich in calcium folate, broccoli offers a rich source of fibre along with other disease fighting anti oxidants.This green leafy vegetable also prevents anaemia, strengthen bones, boosts immunity and still more benefits to go.
  5. Eggs : Eggs are simply super foods. They are bag packed with all the essential nutrients and immensely helps to ensure a healthy pregnancy. Being rich in selenium, zinc, Vitamins A, D and some of B complex, eggs become a requirement for a pregnant mother.


On the whole, the following points should be kept in point while preparing a diet chart for a pregnant lady. The diet should be varied, should fulfil all the nutritional needs, and at the same time, it should be a balanced diet. A balanced diet is a necessity. Over consumption of any thing is not ever recommendable.

  • Fruits and vegetables: There should be plenty additions of fresh fruits and vegetable in the diet and of course in balanced proportions.
  • Starchy Carbohydrate enriched foods: They are very important as they are a source of energy giving substances. It is important to see that the mother does not run out of energy.
  • Protein : proteins are the second category of a must addition in the diet. This category is inclusive of animal protein and plant protein. This includes fish , lean meat, chicken and eggs.
  • Fats
  • Fibre
  • Calcium
  • Zinc
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