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There is a dramatic change of the estrogen and progesterone levels in the body of a pregnant women. This, apart from making physical changes, as is evident, but also results in psychological changes. The abrupt fluctuations of mood are a part of this process. However, this adds a different kind of glow, that significantly aid in the development of the fetus and affect the physical activity of the body.


Estrogen and progesterone are the chief pregnancy hormones. Their increase in levels is the most during pregnancy than in the entire lifetime of a woman.

The increase in the level of estrogenduring this blessed period of lifeenables improved vascularization of the uterus and the placenta. Additionally, estrogen plays a very important role in the development of the fetus.Therapid increase of estrogen during the first trimester may cause a vomiting tendency which is of course associated with pregnancy leading to milk duct development that enlarges the breasts in the second trimester.

The progesterone levels are extraordinarily high during pregnancy as well.This causes the loosening of ligaments and joints throughout the body. High levels of progesterone causes the internal structures such as the uterus to increase in size.



So if any thought had struck a mind that there wont be any more mood swings as the menstrual cycle is on a pause during pregnancy, then it’s time to get ready for another, a little bigger time period of mood swings. However, as Mothers are the blessed women as they tolerate every change in their body with a happy face.


Pregnancy is the most beautiful period of a women’s life. So it is very important that it is spent happily. Despite the hormonal changes and the natural mood swings, it is very important to be ecstatic for the child who is awaiting to come into this world.

Here are a few ways of how one can stay happy during pregnancy:

  1. Avoid negative people.
  2. Indulge into yoga and meditation to attain self peace.
  3. Pamper yourself.
  4. Eat healthy. Also eat all of that you want to and eat a lot. Remember there is someone within you.
  5. Maintain a healthy lifestyle
  6. Treat others kindly.
  7. Watch all those entertainment programs that makes you happy. Avoid sad and horror shows during this time. At least that is recommendable.




Pregnancy is a blessing. So just love being pregnant. Enjoy this period to the fullest. Dress up to your best. This is the time to go shopping all those new outfits fitting the would be mother’s new size. It’s important to click a lot of pictures during this entire period. A comparison between them makes a lady feel good.



It is very important to stay under the continuous guidance of a doctor during this period. Reporting about any kind of problem as soon as it occurs is a must.


Pregnancy Diet: Things To Know

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Eating a nutritious diet is very important for a pregnant lady. Here is a list which can serve as a good addition to the diet .

  1. Dairy products: Dairy products contain rich source of calcium, protein, vitamin D and phosphorus. Besides, they also contain other essential vitamins and minerals. These are very important as it helps in the proper growth of the baby in the mother’s womb. The nutrients are very important for a healthy development of the baby’s bones, muscles , nerves and also for blood clotting. Addition of a good portion of dairy products in the diet should be a must.
  2. Fish liver oil : Nutrition of the mother is very important for the fertility. Everything that a mother eats passes away to the baby. It aids in making the baby stronger. Cod liver oil contains omega 3 fatty acids which are crucial to the maintenance of health. It further helps in hormonal regulation, promotes regular ovulation, decreases inflammatory  fertility issues, promotes healthy cervical mucous production. However, it is also important to take care of the intake capacity. This should be consumed in large amounts. It is preferable to take suggestions from a doctor regarding the quantity of consumption of this.
  3. Lean meat : This is a rich source of iron. During pregnancy the need to consume double the quantity of iron than earlier. A pregnant woman must always remember that a baby growing inside her is consuming the food she is having. So, plenty of iron rich food should be added in the diet.
  4. Broccoli : Broccoli is a healthy addition to the diet. Besides being rich in calcium folate, broccoli offers a rich source of fibre along with other disease fighting anti oxidants.This green leafy vegetable also prevents anaemia, strengthen bones, boosts immunity and still more benefits to go.
  5. Eggs : Eggs are simply super foods. They are bag packed with all the essential nutrients and immensely helps to ensure a healthy pregnancy. Being rich in selenium, zinc, Vitamins A, D and some of B complex, eggs become a requirement for a pregnant mother.


On the whole, the following points should be kept in point while preparing a diet chart for a pregnant lady. The diet should be varied, should fulfil all the nutritional needs, and at the same time, it should be a balanced diet. A balanced diet is a necessity. Over consumption of any thing is not ever recommendable.

  • Fruits and vegetables: There should be plenty additions of fresh fruits and vegetable in the diet and of course in balanced proportions.
  • Starchy Carbohydrate enriched foods: They are very important as they are a source of energy giving substances. It is important to see that the mother does not run out of energy.
  • Protein : proteins are the second category of a must addition in the diet. This category is inclusive of animal protein and plant protein. This includes fish , lean meat, chicken and eggs.
  • Fats
  • Fibre
  • Calcium
  • Zinc

INFANT CARE Guide For new moms

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New born babies are the most tender beings under observance. Taking care of them is a blessing. Now this is really a very careful process. We have to keep in mind that a new born baby is really tender and is therefore susceptible to germs and infections. This leads to the saying that they need special care and attention all the time.


Cleaning is a daily ritual that needs to be maintained.

  • Cleaning baby’s head and face: Hands must be absolutely clean while handling a baby. Using a moistened or wet cotton ball that head face, eye lids, nose should be cleaned. It is preferable to use mildly warm water for this process so as to ensure perfect comfort to the baby so that a feeling a freshness is indulged just after this process. Separate cotton wipes should be used for each part of a baby’s face ensuring hygiene. Baby’s hair should be washed. Cleaning gums and tongue should be given attention and done with special care
  • Nails: A pair of special baby nail scissors should be used for trimming the nails and hands and feet of a baby. It is important to keep a note of this part and trimming it whenever it grows in order to ensure that the baby is not hurt by his or her own nails.
  • Genital care : Genital care is very important for a baby. This not only makes a baby feel fresh and happy but also aids to the baby’s hygiene. Genital organs should be washed or wiped with special care. A baby should be given some ‘nappy-free’ time to avoid rashes due to the napkins.



  • It is very important for the baby’s mother or whoever is handling the new born to stay clean all the time.
  • The house should be kept clean.
  • Everything around the baby should be regularly cleaned.
  • The toys of the baby should be cleaned.
  • The finger nails of the mother or anyone handling the baby should always be trimmed so as to avoid any kind of injury to the baby. Any kind of little injury can be fatal for the new born infant as he or she is too tender in this harsh world.



It is very important to breast feed a new born baby.

Importance of breast feeding an infant :

It is very important to breast feed an infant specially during the first six months of a baby’s life. Although it is advisable for a baby to feed on his or her mother’s milk for a little longer time than the aforesaid span.

The mother’s milk contains all those vitamins and nutrients that a baby needs to survive in this world during first months of birth. Besides, the breast milk is a nature’s blessing that is packed with disease fighting substances to protect a baby from illness.


A happy and healthy baby is all that is wanted.

17 Essential Facts Of Baby Care!

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After the struggle is finally over, it’s time to strengthen the tender baby to survive this rough and tough world.

Few things that should always be kept in mind while handling a new born baby is :

  1. Understanding how soft the baby is.
  2. Focusing on proper hygiene
  3. Cleanliness of surroundings should be a regular habit.
  4. Proper attention should be given to the baby’s food and timings of it.
  5. The baby should be cleaned every morning and it should be kept assured of that the baby continues to stay fresh and clean the entire day. Like us, adult humans, even babies require to get freshened up. Even their mornings should be really good.
  6. Babies cry a lot. That is their way of communication till they learn how to talk. Special attention should be given to what the baby is trying to communicate; whether it’s the hunger bell ringing or whether his or her stomach is aching or maybe something more.
  7. The diaper of the body should be changed as this may lead to rashes and make the baby uncomfortable. Also, this is very unhygienic for the baby’s heath.
  8. The nails of the baby should be trimmed occasionally with the special pair of scissors.
  9. A baby sleeps for long, long hours. That is when they grow. The internal tender system begins to grow during this sleep. Hence, it should be kept in mind that the baby should always be clean and fresh in order to have a good sleep. It should be remembered that no one can sleep amidst dirt.
  10. A doctor should be visited immediately in case the baby catches cold or holds symptoms of any other medical problems.
  11. Babies should always be kept happy. Hence, a mother should communicate with her baby whenever the baby is awake. As this is how, the baby learns how to start a conversation.
  12. A baby tries to eat anything he or she sees. This should be given special attention so that the baby doesn’t swallow something not meant to be consumed.
  13. The person handling the baby should be thoroughly cleaned as well. Any neighbour or relative visiting the new born baby should have thoroughly washed sanitised hands before touching the baby.
  14. Ample number of clothes should be kept ready for the baby. It is not preferable to make a baby wear a diaper always. Hence, the baby is likely to wet his or clothes by urinating. These wet clothes and Bed sheets associated should be cleaned immediately.
  15. The baby should be made to pee every day. This is an activity of the excretory system and is very important for normal functioning of the biological system.
  16. The toys that are given to the baby to play with should be cleaned regularly as well.
  17. The baby should be given continuous attention as it should be remembered that a new born baby is small and tender and cannot satisfy her needs on her.


Wishing every baby a wonderful life ahead!

Top 10 Food Items To Lose Post-Pregnancy Weight

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1) Berries

Berries like blue Berry, strawberry, raspberry etc. are rich in vitamin C and hence helps boost your immune system.

They have the ability to mobilise the stored fat in your body. They convert the bad cholesterol into the good cholesterol. This way a bowl of fresh berries in the morning can help to shed off the pregnancy fat layers.

2) Oatmeal

Oatmeal can be eaten as porridge or even added to your smoothies. Oatmeal is best form of cereal meal. So one should have oatmeal instead of breads.

Oatmeal is rich in fibres which help to keep your stomach full and curb the urge for having fried stuff. Oatmeal also cleans your gut and this helps to maximise the absorption of food and so you will eat only as much is essential for your body.

3) Bananas

Bananas are rich in calcium and also have a lot of healthy fats. These are not stored in your body while you get the needed energy. Bananas are great for treating constipation which is a common problem post pregnancy.

Bananas also help to increase the breast milk supply.

4) Pineapple

Once you are over the nursing stage with your baby you can start having the tropical pineapples.

Pineapples have xylene that helps to cut down the body fat and also increase the rate of production on female hormones. These will get back your pre pregnancy shape and make you lose tonnes within shorter span.

5) Green tea

Green tea is known to help in weight loss at any phase of life. It has lycopene that helps to mobilise the fat from every area and sheds off the weight.

Green tea is also very low on calories and cleans the gut.

6) Avocados

Yes you read it right. The butter fruit with lots of vegetable fats is also a very good food for weight loss. This fruits has a lot of antioxidants that help to minimise the harmful radicals formation which eventually prevents ageing and depositions of fat.

A avocado kiwi ice cream with sugar free will be the best weight loss dessert for a new momma.

6) Dark chocolate

Is this list getting better?? Yes dark chocolate has a lot of alkaloids. Setting the pH of your body towards the alkaline side helps you lose pounds in no time. This is because a alkaline pH is known to help keep your body processes going on to the perfection. The better the health the better the body.

7) Mango

Mangoes are rich in vitamin A and Vitamin C. They help to increase the fat stored vitamin. This in turn will help your fat layers to become wobbly and eventually start moving. As the fat becomes mobile then exercise effects also multiply.

8) Broccoli

Broccoli and the entire cabbage family has a lot of folic acid. Folic acid helps to boost your immune system and also is needed for formation of other vitamins. Broccoli in salads or even in soups is good thing to opt for pregnancy weight loss.

9) Lemon juice

Lemon is a citrus fruit that helps to increase the production of white blood cells. These cells are responsible for removing any harmful and non essential components in the body.

10) Peppermint

Your regular mouth freshener also helps to lose away the pregnancy weight. Peppermint has many anti oxidants and alkaloids. These help to reduce the harmful catalysts in the body and increase the production of fat mobilising molecules.

Also note that gradual weight loss is the key. Any sudden weight loss program is bound to fire back in worst manners than your current body fat.

Top 5 Exercises For Breasts During Breastfeeding

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Most of the women who condemn breast feeding do so because of the fear of getting loose sagged breasts. The sagging of breasts is bound to make you upset. But it is important to know that breasts don’t sag plainly due to breastfeeding. It is the genetic makeup of that decides when breasts start sagging due to ageing.

Here we have enlisted 5 exercises for breasts during breastfeeding:

1) Circle ups

How to do it? Place your hand on your breasts and take them round in circles. Make sure you take them towards the upper ends.

Variations: This exercise can be done using oils like olive oil. This is basically a massage based workout. The pace has to be increased to an extent then gradually reduced. Don’t rub hard as the skin is delicate.

Benefits: This helps to strengthen your ligaments and prevents the muscles lose their vigour.

This exercise is best done when you are in a seating position. You can do this after using your breast pump.

These will not only help you to have your body stay in shape but has other benefits like increasing the milk supply.

It will also relieve you of mastitis pain.

Never do this one when your breasts are engorged with milk. Some women get sore nipples due to improper latching by babies. in such cases nipple creams can be used. Here is a definitive list of best nipple cream and a buying guide.

2) Breast crunches

How to do it? Place your hands to the side of your body. Now lift them up to the front and cross them. While doing so make sure you use your biceps to press your breasts. And stretch your hands back and fold them behind. Expand your chest.

Variations: You can rotate your body and do this exercise at different positions. Once bend down and do it, then look up and do it and so on.

Benefits: This exercise works on the muscles that laterally hold the breasts. This will make them more fuller and also increases the milk production.

Also, it acts on the cleavage region to make it suitable for you to start wearing your deep necks!!

3) Rotation of muscles near breasts

How to do it? Rotate your hands in circles at different angles from the body. Once make a circle to the side then above your head and so on.

Variations: Bend your body towards the side and rotate your hands above your shoulders.

Benefits: Hand muscles and chest muscles get a good warm up. This can be done after getting up every morning. At night your breasts might have got engorged with milk or maybe you slept while feeding your baby. This exercise helps undo all the muscle stretching that has happened.

4) Breast compress

How to do it? First, bend on your knees and let your breasts hang. Then lie down straight on your front body. Apply a slight pressure on your breasts. Try to understand this, that there is a difference between pressing and crushing. Variation: You can cup your breasts with hands and press them sideways.

Benefits: This will help undo the gravitational pull that is applied on your breasts especially when they are filled with milk.

This also helps make them become more flexible and lift them up.

5) Headstand or inverted breast position

How to do it? Again a headstand or simply lying down with your legs on the bed and body hanging.

Variations: Not much can be varied as you are in an inverted state. This can be done when you don’t have any intimate clothing on to increase the effects.

Benefits: It improves the blood circulation to the breasts and also mobilises the fat to return back into the lymphatic circulation.

Top 6 Nursing Wardrobe Essentials

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If you are a mother to be and are planning to do the shopping for the coming baby then this article should be your shopping checklist. Especially if you have made the decision to nurse yourself to breast feed your baby. These work equally well for the mothers who want to be pumping breast milk to breast feed their little one.

1) Nursing bra

Nursing Bra

Nursing Bra

You have to put your fancy inner wear in the closest for some time! And believe me you will do this willingly. And to add on your disappointment, you need to wear nursing bras that are huge and boring. But there is some good news, now that we have come to 2017, leading brands like Kangaroo and H & M bring have released their new collections for mums. These new clothing lines will give you the comfort without lowering down your fashion score. These nursing bras have a buckle system that allows you to remove one cover at a time without affecting the entire clothing piece. You can unbuckle very easily and almost anywhere without letting anyone come to know about it. They even allow you to attach your hands free pumping breast shields and act as hands free pumping bras. The comfort level is beyond anything as they are made of really soft fabric.

2) Pin down shirts

Pin down shirts

Pin down shirts

Pin down shirts have a line of buttons in front that allows you to easily open the top and nurse your baby wherever you’d want to. And also once the shirt is open it acts like a cover for your baby giving them a feel of protection. The pin down shirts can be of cotton or synthetics. Avoid the satin ones as they won’t soak any of the wetness and lead you in embarrassing situations. Wear something under it or simply put a scarf over to avoid any incidence of wardrobe malfunctions.

3) Shrugs



If you live in a colder region then you might get shrugs with those flaps of wool hanging from here and there. Don’t get the high waist shrugs as they generally are body fit and provide very less cover. They won’t be able to give your engorged breasts a cover up. Instead opt for the ones with hanging sides. Try to get medium sleeves length for a hassle free time. Shrugs will keep you warm and provide the same for baby when you nurse.

4) Nursing apron

The nursing apron will save your clothes from the accidental shower that comes when the baby suddenly leaves the breasts while feeding. These nursing aprons will save your clothes from any unwanted staining when you are in your best clothes and are about to go out. They are a must for any mother who is willing to feed the baby as and when the baby demands. Nursing aprons are made of soft fabric that absorbs a lot unlike the kitchen apron that is not supposed to absorb any food stains.

5) Nursing Hoodies

Nursing Hoodies

Nursing Hoodies

The nursing hoodies are cute and have a Kangaroo pouch for putting your baby in. These hoodies are like a baby carriage. They serve dual purpose of giving a cover for feeding sessions and leaving your hands free by holding the baby. But they bear only a certain weight and are not meant to substitute the safe baby carriages with harnesses.

6) Nursing tops

Nursing tops

Nursing tops

They are a bigger version of nursing bras where you can remove the dress strap for nursing your baby. They are like short dresses with comfortable fitting and nursing assisting features. They can be worn when you are going outdoors too!

Top 7 Pregnancy Yoga Asanas

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Pregnancy is a challenging time for a woman as you have an overabundance of nonsense things happening to you. Things like morning sickness and mood swings can drive you nuts and affect your family members in negative ways. If you have a baby already then it will be even more to handle the situation.

Yoga is known to bring peace and synchrony in a human body. Pregnancy yoga also helps to ease down the labour difficulty that you might have if your body is not difficult.

Expert guidance is necessary for beginners because wrong exercise posture harms more than it could ever benefit.

Check http://www.webmd.com/baby/ss/slideshow-pregnancy-fitness-moves

Safe exercises during pregnancy also.

None of the exercises should be done in the last weeks of your pregnancy period because the amnion can break easily.

Here are the top 7 Pregnancy Yoga asanas that will help you in several ways:

1) Setu asana: The bridge pose

Lie down on your back. Bring your legs near your waist and raise your hips. Form a bridge with your body. Then gently lower down your body. Lie down. Keep breathing deeply.

Benefits: This asana will strengthen your back muscles. This will help you reduce the pain your experience in your back due to the weight on the baby in the womb.

2) Marjari asana: The cat pose

Sit on your knees and bend forward. Place your hands on the ground and sit like a cat. A slight discomfort might be ignored but immediately stop doing it if you feel any pain or dislocation inside. Sit for 1 minute and then return to rest.

Benefits: As you bend forward your Setu Asana effects will be balanced. Also, the circulation improves.

3) Ujjayi asana: The gentle breathing pose

Lie down and close your eyes and gently breathe. Take in deep breaths. Feel your nerves calming down. You can focus on your baby inside. This meditation will divert the entire energy to that region.

Benefits: This asana relieves you of hot flashes and also calms you down after a stressful day. This might even be done when you have the morning sickness.

4) Sukh asana: The peaceful pose

Sit in a normal position with your legs folded and placed on your lap. Feel positivity drive in you. Gently breath and exhale out all stress.

Benefits: It is like the seating version of Ujjayi Asana. This helps your body to align and make you more aware of your parts. Any unexplainable discomfort will vanish after doing this.

5) Padmasana: The lotus pose

In Padmasana you have to sit straight and keep your feet crouched to your body to the nearest possible. Then you can place your hands on your knees with the index finger touching the thumb.

Benefits: This works on your thigh muscles and also helps to strengthen your uterus, vagina and cervix (the birth canal).

6) Veer Bhadrasana: The warrior pose

Stand with legs apart one in the front and one behind facing sideways. Then open your arms and stretch them.

Benefits: This asana will help you to help give your pelvic muscles the strength to carry the weight. Also, your chest region will become more agile and prevent sagging of breasts when your breastfeed.

7) Upavista Konasana: The leg split sitting pose

Split your legs to the maximum possible and sit. Touch your palms and place your thumbs on your forehead and bend down in front and touch your head to the ground.

Benefits: This is the best exercise for reducing labour difficulty. It works on every part that plays a key role in pregnancy. Though highly recommended this asana needs a lot of practice.

What Can Daddy Do For His Breastfed Baby?

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1) Feed the baby stored breast milk using Breast pump

While some women pump only to empty the engorged breasts, most of them do it for keeping an extra stock. Breast pumps are devices that are used to extract breast milk using an artificial suction pressure. One can store breast milk for about 6 –  7 hours at ambient room temperature and for about 12 hours when refrigerated. This can be used to feed the baby at night by daddy while momma has some sleep after a tiring day. It is very easy to feed using these breast pump milk bottles, primarily because it is breast milk and babies are used to it. Your baby won’t trouble you much, just take him in your lap with a baby mat underneath and simply tilt the head a little and tap baby’s lips with the bottle nipple, he’ll himself start suckling and probably fall asleep!!

2) Make breastfeeding smoothies for wife

Breastfeeding smoothies are drinks that have lots of proteins, nuts, fruits and generally full creme milk that is taken like an energy drink by the mother who breastfeeds. A mother loses a lot of nutrients, huge amount of water and proteins to the  breast milk that is formed. They need to be replenished. A nursing mothers requirement of energy is very high. The breastfeeding smoothies are simply blended in a a blender. It needs no culinary skills. All you need is the recipe, which is nothing but ingredients like fruits and milk and you have to put them in a blender. Add some love and show that you care.

3) You play a major role in the weaning off phase

Fathers are the role models of every baby. So they want to do everything you do. You will observe this that when you eat something in front of them they want to nibble it too. When a baby is weaned off from breastfeeding the behavioural consequences are very devastating. The mother especially is exhausted to every nerve. This can be avoided if you feed him bits of nutritional things that you have once he reaches six months. As a father to do something for a breastfed child’s diet indeed is very little possible. But these small things can be planned in advance by you. You can be more authoritative when the weaning off phase comes.

4) You can be there for your wife to help her latch on the baby

A baby needs warmth off two parents. There must have been those cute moments when on hearing your voice the baby leaves suckling and looks towards you. So when the baby has to be latched on put on a warm hand on his head as a support. The baby will feel protected and hence open wider and will be passive. You can also hold the baby at night when the night breastfeeding is to be given.

5) If you are a single father

Even if you are a single father you can get breast milk for your baby. There are many wet nurses who are screened and are available on your asked schedule. They are not very expensive. There are agencies which collect breast milk and sell it in a frozen state. All the information is available on FDA site.

6) Otherwise baby formula can be used by you if you cannot manage a wet nurse.

There are many high end leafing brands that manufacture condensed baby milk formula. This is powdered milk that has been fortified and has a composition near to breast milk. Find a suitable brand and it can be used too.

Makeup And Wardrobe Tips For Pregnant Women

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So you want to be the hottest mum who doesn’t loose in the dressing up game even when she is expecting. Here are the tips for you to ace this pregnancy vogue:

1) Buy some light pastel colour oversized tops

Momma is generally associated with her baby. So it is a cutesy image that forms. Whenever you think of a woman who is expecting somehow the image of a baby is interpolated in our mind. No more does the high heels short skirt flash. Light colour pastels like lilac, creme, peach and baby pink are just perfect for you. And that you are not happy with your changed measurements go for oversized clothing. Nothing looks more sexy on a woman than an oversized top with cold shoulders sleeves. Go monochrome or pair them up with a printed jacket or scarf.

2) For make-up use the naked and neutral palettes

For makeup just heart your naked palettes for the coming months. If you don’t like them then use mineral foundations and blush. And even better would be if you simply use a beauty plus benefit creme and that’s all. Wear a peach mousse and let your natural blush do the rest. The minimum the makeup the better does it look on a new mom to be.

3) Hairstyles: the neater the better

As you have a little chubby face now, you should avoid waves and perm hairstyles. Instead make the messy knot bun or a sleek ponytail or even a nice ribbon or head band. Hairstyles should be such that they don’t need any management every now and then. The comfortable you’ll be the better you’ll look.

4) Get some sneakers and slippers or delicate slipper sandals.

A pair of flip flops with a beautiful strap looks  pretty too. You can even wear the beach slippers. Nothing is more important than your comfort. During pregnancy you already have a lot to deal with, let fashion come easy.

5) Get some fancy accessories like a bow or a ribbon tie

Bow, ribbons, head bands, tiaras, Bobby pins etc. are all a must have and add some details to your look. Avoid wearing big dangling earrings or even your chokers.

6) Wear hats and scarves

The oversized cowboy or Victorian hats will give you the shade and also take away the attention from other parts of your body. You can even wear a beanie, coche or a berret hat.

7) Don’t put on any heavy makeup base

Heavy concealers or foundation bases will crack and give you a much aged look. During pregnancy your body heat production is at a higher notch, so you sweat a lot that washes away your make up. Also eye makeup to be the minimum simply a liner and leave it to that stage.

8) Be in your comfort zone

Avoid wearing drapes and capes. Avoid fabrics like velvet which will make you look plum. Don’t wear anything that needs a touch up every ten minutes. The collar a mum the better she looks.

9) Have a healthy diet and avoid junk food

This is understood even if not on this list. But it is so important that in front on this point the rest is just the tip of an ice berg. So eat lots of fruits and veggies. And drink lots of water. This will keep you hydrated and make you look naturally pretty.

10) Exercise

Exercise is again a must. The healthier inside more is the glow outside. Join pilates or yoga classes. Take evening strolls and keep moving your body.