COVID-19 Billing and Processing

COVID-19 Billing and Processing

Labcorp values its relationships with insurance plans, and we are committed to providing patients and members access to COVID-19 testing during this time. Labcorp will continue to provide contracted and out-of-network plans with Labcorp testing and coverage information.

As of April 14, 2020, CMS advised that COVID-19 testing utilizing high-throughput technology should be identified by two new HCPCS Codes U0003 or U0004 (as appropriate) instead of CPT Code 87635 and HCPCS Code U0002, respectively. 

Labcorp will accept reimbursement at 100% of the CMS 2020 National Limitation Amount (NLA) for Labcorp 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID19), NAA test (test number: 139900), which is now $100.00. The list price for COVID-19 serological antibody testing is $42.13. Labcorp will bill the individual’s health insurance for the cost of the testing for consumers who meet clinical testing guidelines. Physician fees are separate and charged to the consumers by the doctor, telemedicine or healthcare provider. If the molecular test is requested from Pixel by Labcorp, uninsured consumers or insured consumers who choose not to take advantage of the insurance-pay option will pay $119 for the at-home collection kit. If the antibody test is requested through, there is a $6 cost for the independent physician service that reviews all requests. If the test is ordered through a doctor or healthcare provider, the $6 fee does not apply.

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