Ready to close gaps in healthcare

Diagnostic testing is the first step in closing care gaps. As one of the largest laboratories in the world, Labcorp is uniquely equipped to offer a comprehensive solution that manages this process for you and your patients—at every step. Our programs help you to engage and activate your patients with high-quality test kits, including home testing convenience, to improve compliance with recommended guideline-based testing for quality measures. 

Our solutions address critical conditions such as:

  • Colorectal cancer
  • Chronic kidney disease
  • Diabetes

Single source, end-to-end lab services

With capabilities for managing the process from kit ordering through to results reporting, the Labcorp gaps in care solutions provides scalable, end-to-end services that can be configured to meet your needs. 

Accessibility and convenience

Labcorp makes it easy for patients to participate. Convenient access and customer support throughout the process helps close gaps more quickly - improving compliance and financial performance. 

Trusted partner

Working with Labcorp eliminates the need for multiple vendors. We bring a national footprint of nearly 2,000 patient service centers that provide reliable, high quality results you can trust and commitment to ensuring patient satisfaction. With our multiple networks and partnerships, we can provide seamless communication and collaboration between our patient service centers, health plans, employers and providers. 

Blog post

Three key steps for effectively addressing gaps in care

Getting recommended preventive screenings and regular checkups with a primary care doctor is one of the best ways for patients to maintain their health and reduce the risk of chronic diseases. Finding signs of a potential problem early—for example, via cancer screening—often means the patient has more treatment options, helping to improve quality of life and potentially save lives.

Configurable, scalable solution for gaps in care

Whether you are a payer, employer or provider organization, Labcorp can configure a solution that meets your patients’ needs.


  • Promotes compliance and improves quality performance
  • Reduces costs and improves financial performance
  • Enhances patient experience and increases patient satisfaction


  • Simplifies managing patient populations
  • Improves quality performance 
  • Improves patient health outcomes


  • Improves workforce health and reduces costs
  • Supports employee engagement and satisfaction
  • Improves worker productivity 


  • Improves patients' quality of life
  • Offers flexible, convenient and accessible testing options 
  • Provides patients the ability to easily view and manage their test results 

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