Can you get Grimace Shake in UK? What we know about McDonald’s viral TikTok meme, and if it will go beyond US

The phenomenon started in June, with people in the States posting bizarre videos featuring the fast-food chain’s new purple product. The views on social media have rocketed

The Grimace Shake meme has been taking Tik Tok by storm, and it might need some explanation. It started in June, with people in the States posting bizarre videos featuring a new McDonald’s product.

What is McDonald’s Grimace Shake?

The Grimace Shake is the latest Tik Tok video to go viral on the social media app – the hashtag GrimaceShake has had 581 million views.

It started after McDonald’s launched a new drink to celebrate the birthday of its character Grimace. The drink is a milkshake that tastes of blueberry and cereal, and is an unnatural-appearing purple colour.

Tik Tok users soon started filming videos of themselves taste-testing the drink and offering up a review, before the clip quickly cuts to footage of them on the ground with purple vomit, or pretending to choke. In true Tik Tok style, the videos have become more and more outlandish.

Obviously no one has actually been hurt in this way by the milkshake, and it is safe, as long as you don’t have any allergies.

What does it mean?

TikTok user @thefrazmaz claims he was he first person to post a Grimace Shake video on June 14th.

He filmed a follow-up video explaining what the meme means: “What does this trend mean? Is the shake bad? What’s going on? Since I am the original ‘victim’ of Grimace, it’s quite literally just a meme.

“When I decided to make this video, I was thinking, ‘Oh this is like the Spider-Verse burger,’ it’s an unnatural colour, it’s unique,” he continued. “And I saw a guy do it with the burger where he took a bite and the next scene was him in the hospital. So I was like, ‘let’s do something similar’.

“It’s just supposed to be a meme about, ‘It’s a really weird colour, it means it’s not good you, Grimace is collecting victims… It’s just funny, ya know.”

Is the Grimace Shake coming to the UK?

Sadly not. according to reports there are no plans to bring the drink to the UK.

It is currently only available in America.

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