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When are Sats 2023 results released? What time KS1 and KS2 grades come out tomorrow and how to collect them

This year’s test was criticised by some parents and teachers as too difficult after it left some children in tears

Millions of Year 6 students and their families will soon discover the results of this year’s Sats (Statutory Assessment Tests) results.

Testing took place in May this year, with the results being used to measure academic performance.

The Government claims that the key stage 2 (KS2) national curriculum tests ensure individual pupils are supported “in the best way possible” as they move into secondary school.

What are Sats?

pupils in class
The proportion of pupils hitting the expected standard in Key Stage 2 Sats (Photo: Barry Batchelor/PA Wire)

Sats take place in years two (KS1) and six (KS2).

They aim to measure students’ academic progress, as well as holding schools accountable for young people’s learning progress.

Students are assessed on English grammar, punctuation, reading and spelling, and mathematics.

This year’s test was criticised by both teachers and parents as too difficult after it left some children in tears.

The reading paper given to Year 6 pupils required them to read 2,106 words across three texts, a 34 per cent increase from the previous year’s 1,564 words.

In the 2023 exam, children had just 34 seconds to answer each of the 38 questions in the booklet, according to analysis by Tes.

Secondary schools are made aware of incoming pupils’ scores, and many use the results as a rough guide for setting.

However, most secondary schools understand that Sats only measure limited subjects and skill sets, so perform their own test at the start of year seven.

When will this year’s Sats results be released?

Sats results will be released to schools at 7.30am on Tuesday 11 July 2023.

Before the end of the summer term, your child’s school will send you a report which will include test results and teacher assessment judgements.

This should provide you with a good sense of the standard at which your child is working in each subject.

The school will report your child’s test results as a scaled score for each subject. This is created from the number of marks your child scores in a particular test. A scaled score:

  • below 100 means that your child may need more support to help them reach the expected standard
  • of 100 or more means that your child is working at, or above, the expected standard for the key stage

If your child is working below the overall standard of the key stage, or they have special educational needs, reporting will be different, and you should speak to your child’s teacher for more information.

Parents of Year 2 students will also receive their children’s scores in July.

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