Where can I watch The Sound of Freedom? What we know about a UK release date and what the movie is about

The controversial film has split critics

The Sound of Freedom, a new film about child sex trafficking, has proved to be a surprise US box office hit.

The film is reported to have made $14m (£11m) on its theatrical debut, surpassing Disney/Lucasfilm’s Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny.

What is The Sound of Freedom about?

Controversial actor, Jim Caviezel, takes the lead role in The Sound of Freedom (Photo: Angel Studios)

The Sound of Freedom claims to be based on a true story which “exposes the darkness of child trafficking”.

The Passion of the Christ star, Jim Caviezel, stars as a homeland security investigations operative who goes rogue in a quest to find the missing sister of a boy he managed to save from sex slavery.

According to the film’s synopsis, he embarks on a dangerous mission, risking his life to free her from a fate worse than death.

Caviezel is joined by Oscar winner Mira Sorvino and Emmy nominee Bill Camp in the film, which was completed in 2018 but is only now getting a release.

The Sound of Freedom is made by Utah-based media company Angel Studios, which crowdfunds films and television shows that “amplify light”.

Angel Studios is founded by The Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-day Saints (Mormons) brothers, but claims no formal church affiliation.

Sound of Freedom is a riveting film that shares the story of one man’s heroic efforts to rescue children from human trafficking,” said Angel Studios chief executive, Neal Harmon.

“Through this powerful cinematic experience, we aim to amplify the growing movement to expose this heinous violation of human rights and inspire people to take action, helping their communities put an end to this modern-day slavery once and for all.”

How can I watch The Sound of Freedom?

The Sound of Freedom only had a theatrical release in the US on Tuesday 4 July and is currently showing in selected cinemas across the country.

At present, there is no option of watching the film in the UK, although this may change.

What is the controversy surrounding The Sound of Freedom?

Lead star Jim Caviezel has become something of a prominent figure on the conspiracist far-right, making claims and speeches at QAnon conferences, repeating theories that sinister elites are harvesting the blood of children, repeating falsehoods about Pizzagate, and describing QAnon’s work as “a good thing” on former Trump strategist Steve Bannon’s show, prompting some viewers to express concern about his inclusion in the film.

What have the critics said about The Sound of Freedom?

Rolling Stone described the film as a “QAnon-tinged thriller about child-trafficking designed to appeal to the conscience of a conspiracy-addled boomer”, while Nick Allen on Roger Ebert says that while the film posits to be “a tough conversation piece about the world of child sex trafficking”, it is misguided and makes “the cause about itself”.

Elsewhere, Variety calls it an “urgent and honest genre thriller”.

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