Tory angst grows over PM’s pledges

Anxiety is growing about No 10 missing Rishi Sunak’s big five policy promises

Are you ready for a referendum on “Brexit part 2”?

A vote on leaving the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) is being talked about inside Government – after this week’s defeat for the plan to deport migrants to Rwanda.

At No 10 and on the Tory backbenches, anxiety is growing about missing Rishi Sunak’s big five policy promises.
So pledging a referendum on leaving the ECHR in the Conservative manifesto would be a ploy to win back lost voters. “It may be our best shot,” one minister tells i columnist Katy Balls.

Do I think another referendum will happen? On balance, probably not.

Yes, in 2016’s Brexit vote, Remainers under-appreciated the importance of “sovereignty” to their opponents.

That could apply here on the ECHR. But polling suggests the Tories are currently on course to lose 2024’s general election. And after seven years of turbulence, the public appetite for another referendum is low.


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