Clinical Trials at Labcorp

Labcorp Drug Development is focused on moving health forward for all, and clinical trials are essential to our mission. Before any new (or improved) drug or treatment can be widely used, it must go through phases of testing to determine efficacy and ensure safety.

Developing more drugs and life-changing treatments starts here, with you.

Clinical trials bring the hope of new medicines and medical devices to reality for many of today’s challenging conditions. At Labcorp, we rely on the participation of people throughout the world to make this happen.

Healthy adults who want to be considered for a clinical trial can begin the process at If you have a medical condition or are looking for resources about clinical trial participation, you can begin at


How to participate in a clinical study through Labcorp

Your participation could help advance health for people all over the world.

Clinical trial options for healthy adults
(age 18 or above)

You can apply to be considered for paid participation in Phase 1 studies. Browse the studies we are conducting in the US (or in the UK).

Phase 1 studies are currently taking place at our clinical research units in:

  • Dayton Beach, FL, USA
  • Madison, WI, USA
  • Dallas, TX, USA
  • Leeds, England, UK

Clinical trial options for those living with a disease, or their support or care providers

If you’re interested in joining a clinical trial or learning more about clinical trials, provides the tools and resources you’ll need to get started, including information on how to:

  • Determine if a clinical trial is right for you or a loved one,
  • Locate studies with the “Find a Trial” tool, or
  • Join a Patient Community to stay up-to-date on new studies as they become available.

For companies looking to partner with Labcorp for drug development:

Visit our Labcorp Drug Development site to learn more about our clinical trial capabilities.