Wimbledon 2023 prices: How much tickets, strawberries, Pimms and beer all cost at SW19 this year

The traditional British fruity snack is still good value – but be prepared for a grand slam on drinks prices

Wimbledon is one of the most anticipated events of the summer, with thousands looking forward to a glass of fizz on the lawn every year.

But, as we know, the cost of living crisis has seen the cot of everything go up – so is this British institution affected too?

How much are strawberries and cream?

Is it even Wimbledon if you haven’t had this famous sweet snack? Strawberries and cream are as much a part of the event as play being postponed due to rain. Around 200,000 portions are consumed every year.

Luckily though, prices for this dish have been frozen for 13 years, and it will only set you back £2.50.

This may be one of the only bargains you will find at the site however.

How much are drinks?

This is where prices seem to climb.

A 330ml bottle of Stella Artois is listed as setting you back a massive £9.70, it has been reported.

A can of Pimm’s, wine or gin and tonic is also £9.70, while a reusable glass of Pimm’s is £11.20 and a pitcher is more than £30.

A pint is setting fans back between £7.20 and £7.55, an increase from between £6.10 and £6.50 last year.

If you’re not drinking alcohol, a bottle of mineral water costs £2.65 – up 45p from £2.20 last year – and a can of Coke Zero is £2.25.

If you forgot to bring snacks, and strawberries aren’t your thing, you should also expect to spend. A bag of Haribo, Skittles or Minstrels is £4.20, a sausage roll is £4.80, and a Cornish pasty is £6.30.

Strawberries at Mountain View Farm in Lanesborough, Ma., Wednesday, July 5, 2023. (Ben Garver/The Berkshire Eagle via AP)
Strawberries are ubiquitous at Wimbledon (Photo: Ben Garver/The Berkshire Eagle/AP)

How can I get Wimbledon tickets?

The ballot for Wimbledon 2023 tickets is long closed, but if you queue up a limited number of tickets are available each morning for the main courts, as well as passes to get into the grounds.

There are 500 tickets on sale for Centre Court (excluding the last four days), No 1 Court and No 2 Court each day of the Championships. Grounds passes give you access to Courts 3, 12 and 18, as well as Henman Hill, where you can watch action from Centre Court and Court 1 on a big screen.

Tickets are sold on a best available, one per person queuing basis and are non-transferable.

Be aware that the queue for the next day’s play often starts the night before, with many people camping out to secure their tickets.

The queue starts in Wimbledon Park. All early or late evening entries to the park need to use Wimbledon Park Road gates only. The Wimbledon Park Road gate is a five-minute walk from Southfields Station.

The queue is managed by a team of experienced stewards, available 24 hours a day, to help and guide you.

How much do tickets cost?

Tickets for Centre Court range from £70 all the way up to £255, depending on the date you want to attend. Tickets for Court 1 cost between £40 and £170.

Tickets for Court 2 cost between £43 and £90 and for Court 3 it is between £46 and £75.

A ground pass will set you back £27 on most days of the tournament, though it is cheaper towards the back end of the Championships, as there are fewer games to watch.

“Grounds passes are priced at £27 and are reduced from day nine onwards as the Championships progresses. If you arrive in the queue by 9am, you should have a good chance of getting in, although we can’t guarantee availability of course,” the Wimbledon website states.

You can find ticket prices for every court on each day on the Wimbledon website here.

How can I watch Wimbledon on TV?

If this all sounds like a tad too much expense, then you can just enjoy Wimbledon from home.

As always, the BBC will show every match played at Wimbledon over the course of the next fortnight. The tournament runs from Monday 3 July to Sunday 16 July and play will start at 11am most days, with coverage on BBC One, BBC Two and BBC iPlayer.

Multi-court coverage is also available to stream via BBC iPlayer, the red button, the BBC Sport website and app. Highlights can be found every evening on BBC Two and all of the above platforms from 8.30pm onwards.

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