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Esther Walker

Article thumbnail: A voter takes her sheepdog to the polling station during the European Parliamentary election in the home constituency of Theresa May, U.K. prime minister, in Sonning, U.K., on Thursday, May 23, 2019. May's premiership is hanging by a thread as a high-profile Cabinet minister quit and a growing revolt over Brexit looked set to force the British leader from power. Photographer: Simon Dawson/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Dear MPs, middle-aged women are not 'Take-a-Break-ers' or 'Waitrose Women'

I’m pretty bored with the Tories, Lib Dems and Labour trying to put me and everyone else into boxes like this

Men, are we all being too mean about you?

Once upon a time, the world worshipped the masculine man - and I miss him terribly

Article thumbnail: Severe menstrual pain can greatly disrupt women's working lives (Photo: AN Studio/Getty)

I thought separate bedrooms meant divorce - but I was wrong

Give over Prince Harry, it really doesn't matter if you miss your child's birthday